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Daisy Rodgers Music Promotion - Bringing you the best of the best (musical) thing!

Established in 2009 we are an Oxford based music promotion company, bringing you the best, of the next best thing! We are trying to do something slightly different, but at the core of what we do is brilliant new music. Our aims are:

  • Put on live gigs with great new music
  • Promote gigs in the most innovative ways possible (I know that’s what promoters are supposed to do but we pride ourselves in actually promoting our gigs as much as we can!)
  • Keep ticket prices as low as possible to ensure everyone gets a chance to come and discover their new favourite bands. Note unusually for us low price = high quality.
  • Get fans involved in the gig, by giving them the chance to choose part of the set list (see the “cover song voting thingy aka the Rodd of Hotness)
  • We’ll publish photos from the night as well as do our best to get free stuff to give away.
  • We are going to do our best to operate in an ethical and environmentally friendly way and will give an annual contribution to WWF (it’s a panda thing!).

So what kind of music might you hear at a Daisy Rodgers night?

Well, the sound is pop, not just pop pop, but all sorts of pop. Sort of like Panda Pop really! Check out our facebook page at or to find out all the latest news on the best new music and bands around Oxfordshire and beyond.

In our short time we’ve already put on some totally awesome gigs featuring both great local bands and amazing up and coming touring bands - see “Who we are” and “Gigs” pages for more information. We’ve appeared in local music magazine Nightshift giving our top tips for the year and what got us into promoting, been on BBC Oxford (twice!) and put on a charity gig in support of Oxfordshire Dyslexia and two extra special 'in the round' gigs for Oxjam.

Our favourite thing though in the whole wide world is when someone comes up to us at a gig and says “I’ve never heard of this band before but I totally love them”. That’s what we are all about – come along and discover your new favourite band and be inspired by some great new, local music.

Keep up to date with the latest news and links to super cheap earlybird tickets by being friends on facebook or following us on twitter ( . Just search for the panda called Daisy Rodgers!


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Got any questions?

Check out our contact pages and get in touch.

In a band?

If you are interested in playing at one of our gigs then get in touch.


We also have a facebook group. Join up now

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